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Hostal-Restaurant Villa Lagarto. An exquisite restaurant on the sea.

The exquisite restaurant on the sea offers the traveler a unique and personalized service thanks to a friendly and available staff, offering delicious menu rich in fruits and vegetables of organic origin and own production, as well as the meats all perfumed soft minds with olive oils and Fine herbs cooked to taste either grilled, steamed, or simply charcoal.

Nowhere else will you be able to enjoy both a meal and in our exquisite restaurant on the sea, accompanied by beautiful views of the bay of Cienfuegos and the mountains; so splendid stage deserves to be accompanied with a cocktail aperitif while it arrives the hour of the dinner, a Mojito or a super Daiquiri.

Accompanied by the lively colors of the beautiful Caribbean nature our accommodation with sea view is an indisputable unique paradise in Cienfuegos.

An accommodation with comfortable rooms along a terrace with sea view and the beauty of the landscape are the perfect destination for your breaks.

Restaurant Villa Lagarto with 91 % positive opinions of our visitors, remains one of the chosen by travelers as their ideal destination for your stay in Cuba.